07 Sep 2019, 12:54

Remembering Past Lives workshop today

I am excited about Remembering Past Lives workshop today

(written 17:13 Thursday 12 September 2019 JST:)

Two people in attendance and had a good time! Great to hear their questions at the beginning. One was “What’s the process?”

Each participant gets into a relaxed position, usually either sitting
in a chair, or laying down, or otherwise sitting against something

I will spend a few minutes leading you through a relaxation process,
whereby you let your body relax and keep your mind awake.  Once you
are in this mind awake / body asleep mode, I'll invite you to imagine
getting up and leaving the room.  In your mind I will guide you to
travel far away, whether by vehicle, or through a cave, or through a
forest and arrive somewhere familiar.

I will give you a chance to explore the familiar area, including
seeing other inhabitants of the area and moving around and
communicating with them.

I will lead you gently back the way you came, allowing you to have
clear memory of what happened and what you heard and saw.  Once your
awareness focuses back on your physical body, you will have a chance
to write down what you heard and saw.  We will not speak until
everyone is pretty much done writing.

The whole process is a state of light hypnosis, and you will still
have full control and awareness of where your physical body is.  You
will be able to come back in a moment's notice if you choose.

Each process will take about 20 or 30 minutes.

One participant saw the same place in two of the three excursions we did. The other saw some of the same imagery twice, but did not report as clear of a vision of the place itself.

All in all, a great time!