04 Sep 2019, 11:11

State of My Life Address
11:11 Wednesday 04 September 2019 JST
  1. Yesterday I walked from Shinjuku to Hiroo, from the men’s group new meeting location to our old one. Last night we met for the last time at Takeshi’s office, and next week we will be in Shinjuku, at a place I have not yet seen. I have booked it for all of September and October, and trust we can get it for longer if we like it.
  2. I did my first workshop last month (Eye Gazing, on August 17th). We had a great turnout so I am planning to do it again on September 28th. Yay!
  3. Last night Mark gave me the idea of doing workshops for a living. It certainly fits my skillset moreso than programming!
  4. Marble Track 3 now features CSFERP (Caret Splitter Feeder Extenstion Reflection Protection), put in place yesterday by Reversible Guy.
  5. I have not yet gotten into the groove of writing blog entries, but recently I have put that on my daily ROBOT pages as a 10 point todo item.
  6. I have been keeping daily ROBOT pages since May, thanks to Hiro for the idea.
  7. I had my first session with Dean Ramsden. It was less illuminating than I guessed/hoped it might be, but I have different sets of questions for next time.
  8. Lin and I have been doing better over the past month or more, mostly because I have been chilling tf out and being more accomodating for communication styles and grammars.
  9. I got AB’s DB moved to AWS RDS. Yay! Thanks to Travis for introducing me to Ansible. Thanks to Ansible for making things replicable.
  10. I created a Page on FB. Barefoot Rob. I resisted giving in to the borg for a long time, and still want to keep my content on my server, but they make it so dang easy!
  11. I am ecstatic with the turnout from my first Eye Gazing workshop; 14 people attended, incluing myself. I have scheduled a second Eye Gazing workshop for Sep 28th, and a Remembering Past Lives workshop for September 7th. Looking forward to both!
  12. I have been fascinated with the idea of channeling information from non-local sources. Bashar via Darryl Anka is the first that I paid attention to, and now Abraham via Esther Hicks. I wonder about developing my own channeling skills.
  13. Jennie is still our cat. Lin recently said Jennie is 7 years old.
  14. I still do not have a driver’s license in Japan (nor the US, since my old license expired). Lin wants me to get one, but I do not really want to drive in Tokyo. Especially not have to drive her “big” minivan.
  15. I showed up 25 minutes late to my online group today and no one was there. It’s like my worst dream come true, after I had just written a page of gratitude to the men of the group for keeping it going while I am not in attendance.