04 Sep 2019, 07:50

Early morning snooze before work

I slept on 南武 line from 登戸 to 川崎 station today. Nice to get a 57 minute sleep on a 30 minute trip. (The train sits in Noborito for 27 minutes before departing.)

Early morning lessons on Wednesday are back after the summer break. I’ve been teaching here for some years, “wouldn’t mind” if the lessons were taken over by someone else.

“Wouldn’t mind” in quotes because that was the phrase Eriko doublechecked with me to be true regarding the lesson.


The lesson was fine today, and I wouldn’t mind coming back next week (probably). Ayano, Satoshi, Ai, and I talked about summer vacation for a minute and then dove back into the book. To help them be involved in their own learning, I have taken to having them be “manager” for various exercises in the text. This helps me because I might otherwise skip or dwell on something too difficult or easy for them.