31 Aug 2019, 18:51


I have often wondered about ways to write journal entries on some small device and incorporate them into my online journal.

I used to use a Handspring Visor, until the foldable keyboard folded for the last time and the Visor perhaps got replaced with a laptop? It had some way to sync, probably USB.

Anyway, I’ve got a handheld screen here with Swype keyboard, and I am writing this as an email to myself which I hope to remember to cut and paste into a full on my local file system and incorporate into my git repository for journal entries.

But that’s not why I’m writing.

I’m headed to Rin’s monthly planning workshop in Omotesando. This will be my second time to attend, and I intend to focus on workshops and, curiously, my website.

I want to continue using my existing git repositories (one for the journal, and one for the site itself (because my journal has lasted longer and should stay intact as much as possible (plus I want to keep up my single word commit messages that tell a story, backwards), as if a repository in a fragile file system supports that) which includes the journal as a sub module), even though “everyone” is like “just use Squarespace!”

Sorry, nope. Not gonna use Squarespace or WordPress or Ghost. I’ll continue to use Hugo, markdown, and my choice of hosting providers. I just need some adjustments to my theme.

Specifically, I’d like to add some testimonials to my about page, find a nice design for my schedule of workshops and perhaps tweak my tags list to show how many entries are tagged with each tag.

Those changes are of the top of my head, but when it comes time to do them, I get caught up in minutae, like how to adjust the left padding on the border of some div. Annoying.

Excitingly, I’d also like to get feedback on how I can approach the detail of being in the US for three weeks in October. Any way to continue workshop momentum? Any need to?