30 Aug 2019, 16:53

Dream: Unstoppable Trains
16:53 Friday 30 August 2019 JST

One train came and slammed through the car on the tracks. Another train came on the adjacent tracks and slammed through the car on those tracks. A third train came through and I knew it must be a dream so I threw the garbage of the KKK uniforms under the train and watched it be carried away relentlessly by the wheels unstopping and then noticed the train was not that long so they could see it was me and I thought good thing it's a dream and then an old black man came by laughing and we laughed our asses off as they train curved its way slowly around the whole valley as I started to make up straight lies "it took them then years to finish those tracks god bless the lives that were lost falling down the valley" and visualized under water the skeleton not there as the lie had been told and just fish who didn't even know what a lie *was* much less that it had been told and didn't affect their lives in any way.