30 Aug 2019, 00:30

Business Proposition
00:30 Friday 30 August 2019 JST

From Emmanuel

Hi there,   <--- no name

My name is Emmanuel, and I run a popular adult review site.  I
love the content on your site, and I’d really like to buy a guest
post. I can offer:

• Top quality content. I work with highly regarded copywriters who
  produce amazing, engaging articles.

• Topics to suit your requirements. Feel free to choose the topic,
  or we can come up with something for you.

• Explicit or non-explicit keywords. Whichever works for you;
  we’re flexible.

Do let me know if you’re interested – I look forward to hearing
back from you.

All the best,

My reply, 35 minutes later:

Thanks Emmanuel

Getting a slot on my site is pretty expensive; low-end is around
20k, but you can go up from there if you want a top page slot.

Let me know
- Rob