06 Aug 2019, 12:46

removing a bump from my ear (1/10 would not do again)
12:46 Tuesday 06 August 2019 JST

Soon I will go to the old man skin doctor who identifies skin conditions in about 5 seconds. Never have to wait in line. Always got things right so far.

I got a swollen bit in my ear lobe and he’s gonna cut it out today. Hopefully I can get pictures.

08:46 Wednesday 07 August 2019 JST

No pictures. And quite a shock, which I posted on FB.

Shocked, I am!

I had a sebaceous cyst behind my ear lobe (like against the skull,
not ear lobe itself) and I asked the doctor if he could take it

He said yes, and did it today.

I didn't know he would take the skin too!!!

I asked to see the cyst and they were like "that's the cyst and
this side is skin."

That was my favorite behind-my-left-earlobe skin!!!

Is that normal to remove a square cm of skin? Like a cubic cm

I am most relieved with Jaime’s reply

That’s crazy man! It’s your flesh! But we do replenish skin cells
totally every 5 months so you need not be attached to something
you can grow back in less than a year! I know you know that though
just stating the obvious to cheer you up about losing your
favourite behind-your-left-earlobe skin!