22 Jul 2019, 13:53


(actually written 13:53 Wednesday 24 July 2019 JST)

Though my phone conked out overnight without being charged, I was able to get one picture with these guys

  1. before I knew I would love them
  2. before I knew I didn’t have to wear shoes in the park

( image coming soon )

They came out to greet the incoming guests as the park opened, and I got a picture with them because this guy was on a 2 meter tall unicycle!

During the photo-op, I kinda ignored the juggler because I have seen juggling before, but I have never been up close with a tall-ish unicycle.

And to be honest, I didn’t even really notice the woman behind me!

I noticed her during their 1pm show in which she and the unicyclist did press up hand stands, a variety of balances on five different semi-stackable chairs, and then demonstrated some amazing strength and balance on a vertical spinning pole!

This culminated with him sitting in a chair on top of the pole (with the chair leg inserted into the pole) during which I was like please-stay-strong please-stay-strong please-stay-strong to the chair leg as he spun around as she did skin-the-cats while hanging from his arm and the pole. (I think!)

Seems like half the time I could not tell how they were holding themselves up on the pole; it seemed like magic!