21 Jul 2019, 05:32

Camping with Lin and Mikarin
05:32 Sunday 21 July 2019 JST

One camping spot remained when we arrived yesterday. It’s the high season and reservations are recommended. We set up the tent which thankfully came with ropes to keep it from rotate-collapsing.

This tent is “easy” to set up because it has a “one touch” function that kinda springs the four foldable(!) legs into a spidery stance. Without its rain tarp tied to the legs and the rain tarp tied to the environment, it’s flimsy af, but with the 6 provided ropes in place, it’s reasonably fine.

I am a bit envious of Taro’s larger tent next door, with its three arcing support tubes, but our setup is pretty sweet, too.

After setting up the tent, we had an lovely dinner including easy-cook rice in bags that kinda cooks itself in 15 minutes after we pour water into the rice in the bag.

I had a seated shower at the communal bath house with four shower seats and one bath. I apparently arrived at rush hour; there were no fewer than 4 adults and an average of two boys each in the room.

I read Bedtime for Bear to Lin and Mikarin and then lights out at 10pm, just before a young girl started wailing crying. She eventually cried herself out, but apparently started again at midnight, according to Lin. This bear was sleeping by then and did not notice.