14 Jul 2019, 14:37

walked around with Lin
14:37 Sunday 14 July 2019 JST

Lin and I walked around our neighborhood, which couulllddd possibly count as a Walk that I started doing last year and dropped after getting to 14 or so.

During this walk, I practiced a process I heard on an Esther Hicks video recently. “You’re my favorite rock. You’re my favorite leaf. You’re my favorite tree.” etc

I found the transcription at the bottom of this PDF from a church newsletter(?) I look forward to finding the video where the transcription came from.

1. Meditate for 15 minutes every day. Getting centered and
   clearing your mind can make a world of difference in our feelings.

2. Go outside no matter what the weather and move around in
   appreciation of this planet. Look up and around and find things
   to acknowledge, and talk about them right out loud: say things
   like: you are my favorite bird, you are my favorite flower in
   bloom, you are my favorite flower not in bloom, you are my
   favorite tree, you are my favorite frog, who kept me awake all
   night, you are my favorite rock. etc

3. Buy a notepad, call it your Book of Positive Aspects, and fill
   5 pages of positive aspects about a thing or subject or a person.

4. And the last thing. Every single day look upward and outward,
   best if you do it outside or standing near a window, and
   acknowledge that there are Universal Forces, God, focused right
   at us, and then say: 'I acknowledge that I am the object of
   your positive attention, and I'm appreciating your continual
   gaze on behalf of my well-being, and today, no matter where I
   am, no matter where I'm going, no matter who I'm doing it with,
   I will be in conscious awareness that you too are there with
   me, appreciating me, supporting me, assisting me, acknowledging
   me, inspiring me, guiding me, having fun with me, helping me,
   being aware of me, loving me, showing me, uplifting me...  get
   into an endless loop of that kind of acknowledgement, and watch
   what happens in your life.
17:39 Monday 15 July 2019 JST

/u/Stacylulubee found it