05 Jul 2019, 22:40

Great time hanging out with Max
22:40 Friday 05 July 2019 JST

Max and I met at The Pink Cow where Lin and I were going to meet, but she ended up heading home instead after work. After filling up on world famous bean burritos at The Pink Cow, we walked to Roppongi Midtown where we spent a considerable amount of time wondering how to measure if the circular glass window over the white not-really-egg-shaped stone is round or not. I ultimately decided it was not round because the wires inside the glass (which travel at 45 degree angles to the edge) did not bisect the quadrangle shapes, making them rectangle, not square.

With the tools we had available, I could not think of a way. The best I could think of would be to take a string on opposite sides of the shape and walk around the circumfrence.

Max decided to try barefooting with me so he took off his shoes and we headed down the escalator and to the white stone to get the only pictures of the night.

Headed to Roppongi Hills and wandered around on different surfaces from astroturf to vents blowing air up through the floor.

Went back to Roppongi Crossing and down the bar-crawl street to chat with the Nigerian guys who invite us into the bar. Tonight I claimed I could not afford shoes, and one guy said, “it’s nice to see some poor people around here,” which Max and I decided was a really funny thing to say/hear.

We ended up going up into a bar for a moment because the guy said it was free, but bounced after talking to them a bit upstairs. It’s free if we buy a drink. Max was like “let’s bounce” so we headed out and he goes “that was scary,” citing that they would “probably” spike our drinks, etc. Yeah, it could happen, and would definitely not be my intended way to enjoy an evening! I wonder how to protect against that except pour my own drink or see the bottle be opened.

The next guy said we can go to a real topless bar, but we did not head up there (it was definitely not free), but I asked if I could come back with Lin. He was like “yeah sure” so I guess it would be okay. Doubt she would go for it, but could be fun.

Headed home via Nogizaka station where I gave Max a hug and see ya sometime.