02 Jul 2019, 00:03

super tired
00:03 Tuesday 02 July 2019 JST

Well, I missed the first day of the month by 3 minutes. I have been zoned out in front of my computer longer than 3 minutes so oh well.

Logged 6 hours of work and noticed how much longer it will take. At 10 minutes per line, and 400 more lines to change that’s 4000 minutes (hopefully max!), but that is just to get rid of a single singleton.

I am tired enough that I cannot do the math in my head. 4000 minutes / 60 = 65 hours.. dang that has got to be too much. 5 minutes per line and we get 32 hours.

Anyway, the main point is that I feel shame for mis-guessing how long it would take. But I gotta let AB know the estimate.

I think I will start up their new DB server and use the existing web server and new DB server for a bit, and then spin up new DB server with Ubuntu 18.