21 Jun 2019, 00:06

language exchange with Akiko
00:06 Friday 21 June 2019 JST

Today was the second time for Akiko and I to do a language exchange. She had some good ideas for Marble Track 3 and how to market it. I may end up creating another Instagram account; that is apparently the way to go these days.

So happy to get another subscriber on Youtube, and enthralling to see her enthralled with the process of animating the construction!

For example, when she watched how I made the part with Spoonhead and Candy Mama lifting and sending small orange marbles down the Triple Splitter Small Feeder, she realized that the marbles have to be placed in exactly spots in order to appear to be rolling. She also asked the very important question: do marbles really roll down the track?

Great question, and yes.