30 May 2019, 20:31

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20:31 Thursday 30 May 2019 JST

final feeling = great and inspired to move forward, connected with new accountability partner

stretch created

allow partner selection randomly

partner found

what happened at that time? How did you respond to the situation?

It’s time to allow the universe to reveal to you what you have already stated you want.

welcome to the group

take five minuts with partner you do not know and tell them things you do not want them to know about yourself. Take the time by sharing what you do not want them to know and they simply say thank you. Allow yourself to say as little or as much as you want but make sure it is things that you are not wanting to thll them.

Now tell them things you want them to know. what do you want them to think about you What do you want to be true about you? THen in that way you have fell the contreast in the two modes of speaking. One you want to say and one you do not want to say.

Therefore you have a sense of what it is like to be either in the feeling mode or the resplendent mode.

Taking time to be in one of these two modes we see the value of focusing on the good stuff.

Basketball Gorilla focus on what we want.

The Universe is that big focus on what you want; there is plenty to go around.

Taking time to cry over a grain of sand is just as valueable to cry over the deforestation or species loss we are going through and we are going through it. the species are like, that’s it I am outta here in order to allow space for two things. 1) for humans to get a wakeup call, and 2) for new life to fill in its place.

Life will go on, and even in the miniscule chance that it fails altogeterhere here on earth it will arrive again before the sun burns itsefl out although we will all be gone off to play somewhere else before that happens.

Consciousness is unlimited. WHo here has done remote viewing? Who here has had any kind of inspiration before that could not have come from anywhere else? Some kind of information that seemed random but was really helpful?

these seem like tow different things but they are based on the same thing, that we are all one, which does not actually make sense to start with the word we, but the manifest makes it appear that we are different when in a deeper reality one is all one. That means that all consciousness is one and all time is one and though it’s readily apparent that what I am saying can be disproved and measured in myriad different ways to show that we are differenet and the speed of light is limited, the speed of consciousness is unlimited because it has nowhere to go and we therefore have full access to all conciousness right now from this point because this is the point of all reality.

Now, most people have an easier time noticing that there are differences and it certainly brings the opportunity for us to expereince contrast so that is why we have the chance to do whatever we want in the world and there is actually no sin or crime but that is a w hole nother topic.

We are able to experience contrast because the time spent in the one is not particularly meaningifngul unless contrasted with time spent in the difference time. We neeed the contrast to give us the opprotunitey to see what wwe do not want and to see what we do want and to have the chance to manifset what we do what.

The manifestation hapens because we are all one. The a tTh that is the psame prinicalple thtthat allows mind reading to work esp remoe t remove vieiwng to work because there is onely one so therer is no limit to consivousness when we look at if rrom the bpoit of view of this univrse in 3D. THat is the same readson that spirit can manifest ewhatever we need or what or are creatign because we are oly seeing that which we bring into manifestation in therms of it being brought into the physica.. Its is possible to manifest things from thin are air. there are yogis who do it all the time for their disciples but they cannot do it in western soicitey because it woul d take away from our free will to belive that is is ot possible. We have stage magic which is not magic to show that but as all remote viewers know and all so-called fake esp magicians know, sometimes when doing the stage magic, there comes information from somewhere. and if one is good at stage magic, one can work that into the show and make the rest of the tricks seem that much more manag meaningful or believeable.

So take a moment to breathe into the contrast of what you said that you wanted to say and what you said that you did not want to say and see how that feels to you emotionally. You can use this emotiaonal awarentess em

emotinas are the key and I have known that sense i was I was in high school when I smelled my dad’s old my grandad’s old army jacket and just started bawling in sadness that had been pent up somewhere for that many hears. Where ha dthe sandness been? How did it end up coming to me now? THere are many questions that I did not know how to answer but I had a KNOWING that it must be that emotinos are important. Why else would they be ckept in pristine condition SOMEHWER while I had all the experiences in my life and had forgotten even what color my grandad’s eyes were and forgotten half they detailes like fuzzy memories but the emotions crystal clear and apparent? apparently theyare important.

Now that i have been listening to Abraham I am understanding a bit more why they are apparent. Emotions are our guidance system, the way in which spirit communictates with us, which means the way in which we communicate to the part of us experiencing life inside these monkey suits. what better way than to use the suit itself? Where does the sadness come? usually in stomach? What about anger? In chest or balls. What about fear? again in the stomach or in chest. These emotions come right in, and joy is right in the heart felling up the whole body with light and happy vibration. why is it when I have an amazingly positive experience in my men’s group I feel electricity all over my body? what is that? I do not know yet but it feels good and powerfully informative that I am on the right path. Is it something that everyone an experience in the same way? Not sure but I will ask some of my peeps about it.

I have been working in this work for a while and often hear the phrase Your work is my work. Why would that be true? Many people are experiencing similar things as one another. there are patterns and simialr behaviours that people have, even in cross cultural relationships.