09 May 2019, 13:47

onsen with Robert Golden
13:47 Thursday 09 May 2019 JST

Robert Golden and I enjoyed chatting at the onsen near Minami-tama station on JR Nambu line. Great to get to know each other better. I told him about how I ended up in Japan, including Tammy, Bonnie, Wende, janette, Lin. We talked about MKP Japan and the work we are doing here. I learned how he ended up in Hawaii.

I wished we could hang out longer at the onsen; I did not finish all my lunch and did not finish sitting in all the pools + both saunas. But chronos time calls and I am now headed to work at SCC.

Smartly, I brought dress clothes for work and am now clothed, dressed smartly for work.

Hugged Robert bye on Nambu line in Noborito; he is headed to Hiroo, and then leaving Japan tomorrow or Saturday.