09 May 2019, 22:00

benefits of leaving an airport at 00:01
22:00 Thursday 09 May 2019 JST

My friend wanted to buy a ticket to leave on Saturday and accidentally bought a ticket that leaves at 00:01am (one minute after midnight) Saturday morning. (26 hours from now as I write this)

I challenged him to write 25 benefits of such a situation. Here are mine:

  1. have a funny story
  2. be awake with nothing to do but watch digital clock turn from 23:59:59 to 00:00:00
  3. arrive at airport when it’s relatively quiet
  4. get a chance to see behind-the-scenes stuff they only do at night at airports
  5. not have to wake up early for a flight
  6. have already halfway solved the jetlag issue
  7. get to really ponder the human construct of tracking time
  8. have a chance to put a smile on face of staff working late
  9. save time shopping for souvenirs
  10. save money on buying souvenirs
  11. have moving walkway all to yourself
  12. get to wonder if other passengers made the same mistake
  13. get to joke about how early the flight is
  14. easy chance to sleep late on Saturday
  15. no worries about a large choice of food vendors in airport
  16. immediate night mode on plane so can sleep quickly
  17. “I leave tonight” and “I leave tomorrow” are both true
  18. passport stamps says you left the day before you actually leave
  19. opportunity for taking nighttime photos at airport
  20. can play in kids zone because no kids will be there
  21. can say “good evening” to one seatmate immediately before “good morning” to next seatmate.
  22. easily compare flight duration with length of day
  23. get to board a plane wearing pajamas
  24. get wonder when and wear the pilots slept
  25. can say “I remember getting on the plane like it was yesterday”
22:53 Thursday 09 May 2019 JST

Finished! It took just under an hour.