06 May 2019, 18:11

men's group today
08:40 Monday 06 May 2019 JST

Right now I’m headed to Hiroo for two (2) workshops. One, for men already in the group, a Mission workshop to find or refine our life missions. Why are we here in this world, on this planet? What value do we bring to the world? How?

The next workshop is for new men, an introduction to our work. I think a couple men will attend even though I am the only person who has responded on Meetup for our second Journey of the Heart workshop.

I chalk it up to only having it online for about 10 days with minimal promotion.

18:11 Monday 06 May 2019 JST

Great workshops today. Good feedback from the men on both of them. Great work by men who participated.

Six men in attendance, counting me and Robert Golden who has attended as a guest facilitator.

I feel physically tired. Emotionally I feel grounded joy.