04 May 2019, 21:44

how to find last slash on line while recording macro in Atom
21:44 Saturday 04 May 2019 JST

In my workflow, I end up with image URLs like this


and I want to convert them to markdown with thumbnail like this:

[![2019 may 03 caret splitter rudder planner 3](//b.robnugen.com/art/marble_track_3/track/parts/2019/thumbs/2019_may_03_caret_splitter_rudder_planner_3.jpg)](//b.robnugen.com/art/marble_track_3/track/parts/2019/2019_may_03_caret_splitter_rudder_planner_3.jpg)

(N.B. the title came from the image filename, and thumbs/ has been inserted into the thumbnail’s URL)

With Emacs, I can do it with a custom keyboard macro, which starts by moving point to the end of the image URL then I-search backward to find the last / in the URL. Then I can easily extract the name of the image from which I can get the title of the image.

I installed atom-keyboard-macros, but it fails when I try to find previous with ⌘-⇧-G.

Perhaps there is a whole different atom.io way to go about converting the image URL into a markdown-friendly string. Do you know of one?