30 Apr 2019, 17:39

chillin with Travis and them
17:39 Tuesday 30 April 2019 JST

Today Lin and I drove to Travis and Yumi’s place to hang out with them and Sakura. Johan was already there and Deji came a bit later. Nice to see everyone again, though in some ways it’s like the tribe is getting smaller (and larger!)

No BBQ today due to rain, but we made 手巻き with chicken, eggs, salad, and then ice cream at the end.

We laughed a lot, played with (funny) rubber balls, retrieved toys from under the sofa set, and had a great time.

Peeps were ready to leave by the time I had to leave to get to men’s circle on time tonight, so Lin drove us to the station. Driving a car takes (unpredictably) longer than taking a train, so I took a train.

Deji and I sat on Yokohama line for a bit, talking about what racism actually means. He made a distinction between “pre judging” (making predictions about someone) and “prejuduce” (assuming superiority over someone).