28 Apr 2019, 08:19

FE4R Fart1oncheese
08:19 Sunday 28 April 2019 JST

Near the end of my Marble Track 3 Construction Animation livestream for today, I got a well meaning comment from the gloriously named FE4R Fart1oncheese:

7:55 AM FE4R Fart1oncheese​ dude

7:55 AM FE4R Fart1oncheese​ sorry but no one is going to watch
this. Not tryna be mean, im just saying

7:56 AM FE4R Fart1oncheese​ you might not wanna stream this because
people are going to make fun of you

Fart1oncheese dude 2019-04-28 support

No doubt about that! But I assured him the livestreams were not to be viewed so much as to be a timer showing how long I have worked on Marble Track 3. Approximately 318 hours as of now.