26 Apr 2019, 14:01

14:01 Friday 26 April 2019 JST
  • Lately I’ve been saying “see you next era” in Japanese just do draw attention to the fact that the era is going to change on May 1st.

We’ve got a big pack of days off coming this Golden Week: 10! Most of my students are glad, but there are some people who are like wtf because schools and day care will be closed, but the parents (in service sector jobs) have to work.

I do not have to work, but am not full time so it means no money for a week, but should be okay. Sad and shame that a week without pay would even be a blip in my mind.

  • I just created a new Meetup for the men’s circle.

Journey of the Heart, a deep honest look at your life

How far in advance should I have started promoting?

  • I have started taking Japanese classes again, and started looking into language exchange again. I had not done language exchange for a while because it always ended up unbalanced (imo) toward English. One Japanese man would even speak German during the Japanese side. Anyway, I am trying again.

  • I have attended badminton twice with Tomoko et.al. It’s quite a fun group and gives me the chance to speak in Japanese (definitely unbalanced toward Japanese!!) The same group is planning to go to a baseball game on June 30th (2+ months away), so maybe that gives me an idea of how far in advance I need to schedule stuff.

  • I have started looking at Gatsby again to see if I can figure out how to use it for Marble Track 3 website. I wonder if I should just pay that guy who suggested it. $4000 seems like a lot but could be worth it.

  • I need to make some changes to AB website today or this weekend: add a new field (lmhs-type) to one of the primary tables. I think I should have had them done before, but I hate to should on myself.

  • Delayna has sent me several Marco Polo messages, but I have not listened to them yet.

  • Lin has started her new job and enjoys the benefits of being full time, but does not necessarily like the long hours. She apparently met someone internet-famous though, so that’s interesting.

  • Our cat Jennie is fine, enjoying warmer weather, and waking up at 4:40am to go outside. She lets Lin know it’s time be stepping on Lin’s face.

  • I am excited about Robert Golden coming to Tokyo. I met him in Hawaii and in a nice synchronicity had previously learned he would be coming to Japan to see his son during the aptly named Golden Week.

  • I have been reading and practicing learnings from The Power of Now, and Law of Attraction. Quite interesting new ways to think about stuff and wonder at the physics behind the scenes.

  • 314 or so hours of Marble Track 3 livestreams