18 Apr 2019, 20:43

Akihabara lesson
20:43 Thursday 18 April 2019 JST

I had some time before the lesson in Akihabara and ended up buying some squishy toys that were even cooler than the one I bought late last year. These have balls inside them about the size of frog eggs, and the outer balls stretch about as much as a frog’s lower mouth. The inner balls squirt out between fingers and make an awfully squirty sound that is somewhat between stepping in mud and a cartoon splat.

Best lesson in a long time.

Atsuko read that the pandaball would expand if placed in water. We tried it, but it turned out that the balls inside the pandaball would expand if placed in water. We tried that instead, and they did not grow as much as I hoped.

We then removed the rest of the balls so we could count them (Mayumi’s idea). I guessed there would be 200. Mayumi guessed 150. Zumi guessed 100. Atsuko guessed 80.

It turned out there were 117 balls inside; Zumi won! She also was closest regarding the question “guess how big they will get?”

Mayumi brought chocorooms and chokoboos (I just made that name up) but I chose not to eat the packs she gave me because I have been fasting today since 2pm. Yeah I know it is not long, but by tomorrow morning it will be longer than I usually wait..