23 Mar 2019, 20:35

deep work
20:35 Saturday 23 March 2019 CDT

Tonight men supported me doing a deep emotional piece. little boy all alone,

  • take care of your mother
  • figure it out
  • you are alone
  • you’re a little man

Felt vibrations in my body which come up when I do deep work. Vibration and tingling in legs stomach arms face lips.

Trust fall was so spooky, hard not to self-facilitate. Josh took all the stuff I have been carrying on my shoulders. Plus he took my extra self-facilitation.

Time was a mystery and men waited for me. Men supported me.

Floating like on a sea, with a sea of supportive loving faces around me. Walked with purpose into the closing circle and announced (I am Thunder Rabbit, and I am love.” Was going to melt into the circle but then ackowledged “I know you men waited for me, and I got a lot. Thank you; I am still vibrating.”

Now I am wondering why I tried to do a major process just before closing circle, but I better just let it go and trust it’s okay.