13 Mar 2019, 16:50

Headed to Narita with Lin
16:50 Wednesday 13 March 2019 JST

In preparation for this trip, I started my packing list a few weeks ago.

I had planned to copy it here, but for now, just imagine it.

I pre-packed most of the list a couple days ago, getting down to computer, phone, and other stuff I could not pack because I use it daily.

This morning I woke up early, and repacked everything, doublechecking the list, and taking pictures of all of it, in some kind of just in case scenario that will not happen.

The list, in order of packedness this morning.

  • Sleeping Bag
  • sleeping bag bag
  • black down jacket
  • warm hat
  • thin warm hat
  • 1 shorts
  • 4 t-shirts: tie dye, brazil, puma horse, orange MKP australia
  • black shirt: dress tokyo
  • warm inner pants
  • 2 thick socks
  • black shoes
  • 1 pair dotted socks
  • 3 pair black socks
  • black turtleneck
  • blue aquanatica shorts
  • 4 underwear
  • 1 little towel
  • mints
  • chapstick
  • Q tips
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • dental floss
  • men’s multivitamin
  • 1 big towel
  • Francois (blue rabbit)
  • Power of Now (book)
  • old passport
  • passport
  • small notebook
  • Moleskin classic notebook
  • 1 black pants
  • credit card
  • glue stick and notebook for receipts
  • 2 floppy hats
  • keys to Ma’s apartment
  • Bead under computer
  • presents for Ma
  • arrival plans
  • roles for BC
  • Hawaii release form
  • travel docs
  • flight confirmations
  • rain pants Columbia Titanium
  • rain coat Columbia Titanium
  • 2 AA batteries
  • bamboo bowl
  • frisbee
  • bamboo spoon
  • black diamond black gloves
  • neck warmer
  • 3 AAA batteries
  • headlamp Energizer
  • Kit Kats for kT
  • belt for Suzanne
  • fabric samples
  • belt
  • 2 ball point pens
  • Business cards
  • No Batteries in Suitcase
  • water bottle
  • earphones
  • blue dress shirt
  • athelete’s foot medicine
  • keyboard
  • trackball mouse
  • phone
  • phone power supply
  • computer
  • computer power supply

This morning Lin drove me to the old man skin clinic to get a bit of cream for my leg, and then met me at the Narita-bound Limousine Bus stop at Shin Yurigaoka station.

We enjoyed lunch at Ootoya then hopped on the noon bus, which arrived in Narita by 2pm. So sweet of Lin to come with me! We snuggled and laughed in the back of the bus, then wandered around Narita for a bit after I exchanged 10k and 20k yen for 105 CAD and 175 USD, respectively (plus a bit of yen change).

We got soft serve ice cream and then wondered at all the shops in the airport.

Sat down for about 30 minutes for more snuggles and then finally time to say adieu. After going through customs, I called Lin through Line and waved bye to Lin looking down through the glass as I stayed in place, walking up the down-escalator until someone else came. (Almost no one in line at security / customs.)

I got a quick pass for my new passport so I can whiz through immigration in Japan until 2023.

Now I am at the gate, just a few minutes before boarding begins.