06 Mar 2019, 21:33

last lesson with Sweets Party Attendants
21:33 Wednesday 06 March 2019 JST

Today was the last lesson with Sweets Attendants. (Their office is being shut down at the end of this month, but I am leaving next week for three weeks overseas.)

I met Tomoko at CPK at 11am and helped her carry pizza to their office where we had a party, including candy I bought from the conveni ond 3F.

The party was fun, but afterward I unfortunately let myself get sidetracked into dealing with some work related Excel spreadsheet crap, but got it sorted out by moving the spreadsheet into Google Sheets, where I can use the =FILTER() function. Why can’t I use such a function in LibreOffice?

That took an hour out of our 4 hours allotted, but then I got to chat with Midori for a bit about her plans. At the end of our time together, I went to the front desk and received a small white wooden box with four drawers that I plan to use for Marble Track 3 parts. Tomoko had apparently brought it to the office and apparently does not want it anymore.

We stood to say bye to a bunch of guys leaving the conference room right around the time that I also had to go. That had me trapped a bit longer than I wanted, during which time I wanted to reiterate they can ask me for references or whatever they need for job search. After the conference room cleared out, I headed out and Tokyo-waved while walking out the two sets of glass doors.

Gosh I am going to miss the sweets party attendants!