03 Mar 2019, 21:46

State of My Life Address
21:46 Sunday 03 March 2019 JST
  1. I will be traveling to the US for 22 days starting March 13th.
  2. Not packed yet, but have it planned for next week.
  3. I have just sent a list of workshops to Tokyo Men’s Circle

    Men, my stretch was to find workshops that we can do in Tokyo.

    I have led #1 and #3 below. As a group, we did #2 in August 2018 for ourselves, and then again in November 2018 for new men.

    #4 can be done online, once a week for 5 to 7 weeks (2 hours per week). This would require some coordination and a trainer from the US to help me lead. I judge it would take a committment from 6 men to make it worthwhile.

    1. Head Heart and Soul is a 2 hour introduction to the work. Men and women can attend.

    2. Circle of Men, Journey of the Heart is a day long experiential personal growth workshop. Men only, but could probably work for women. (6-7 hours, including lunch)

    3. Life Mission workshop lets each man to discover his life’s Mission, and actions which he can use to bring his mission present in his life. This can easily be done in 2 hours.

    4. Circle Skills training for the classic archetypal MKP-style integration circle (this gives a solid framework for sitting in circle)

  4. I got a new battery, but it has not worked right. I understand now I need to disable sleep mode and let it reallllly run out all the way. Dangit.

  5. Marble Track 3 has over 300 hours of livestream of me making it.

  6. I probably will not mess with the website for a bit, but the idea of making it better is tempting.

  7. The website is at version 2, mostly purple and made by Sanjay and team in Deli, India.

  8. The GoFundMe has made $4000+ which more than covers the tickets for my trip. We need to set up a company here to keep track of everything.

  9. That means I need to start collecting receipts, cause they are getting pricey!

  10. I had a killer headache this past Monday from too much computering, I think. I can feel another coming on, but I will head to be soon.

  11. I am shutting my computer down now/soon and will let the battery run alll the way down

  12. I think I have a way to fix ConSwi without relying on physics to keep bricks from going through each other.

  13. I wanted to work on it today, but did lots of MKP stuff