21 Feb 2019, 07:35

prepping to talk to F
07:35 Thursday 21 February 2019 JST

Marble Track 3 is not my #1 priority; I am happy to work on it slowly.

*) Rewriting in Gatsby / React makes sense if I can learn along the path to creating it. How do you feel about going slowly, to help an old newbie learn along the way?

Basically, I do the work, learning along the way, you get a per month retainer, for minimum 5 months?

*) What income streams do you see for Marble Track 3?

*) I got a gatsby-driven blog skeleton going, but have not integrated Airtable.

*) I ain’t sold on Airtable yet; I was not even able to get a Hello World working after 35 minutes of poking around at existing templates and staring at the interface

*) currently I have scripts that make different image sizes (2 for now, but more can be easily added) Where do images get stored in your setup?