13 Feb 2019, 21:30

lessons today
21:30 Wednesday 13 February 2019 JST

In the first adult lesson at JB, we flexed some reported speech muscles with Side By Side book 1, where the target language is “This is a photograph of my son Bart. He is riding a skateboard outside our house.”

We changed it to be “This is a photograph of me riding a skateboard in from of my house” and then “That is a photograph of him riding a skateboard in from of his house.”

In the second adult lesson, Hide and I told Yutaro to look up WTC7. Yutaro was 8 years old on Airplane Day (, the name Fred and I use for the day).

In the last lesson, students came in one by one. We talked about movies for a bit and then read a brief story about a couple who gave away a lot of their lottery winnings and thereby did not let the money change them. Kaori listened to it twice without reading. Kyoko and Misato both listened once and then read along the second time.

New vocab:

  • ruin
  • indeed
  • owe