06 Feb 2019, 07:44

State of My Life Address
07:44 Wednesday 06 February 2019 JST
  1. Lin and I still have our cat Jennie, still keep her in at night, still live in Asao-ku near the bottom of a hill.
  2. I’m still working on Marble Track 3, trying to do at least 2 hours of livestream per week.
  3. I have been working on AB, getting tests added to cover the important parts of the codebase. I do not have a lot covered, but 10 tests is an order of magnitude more than 0.
  4. Plus I figured out a way to test AJAX even though I cannot use Javascript in my tests yet. (run the AJAX call directly)
  5. I have all my flights purchased for my trip to Vancouver, Houston, Austin, Hawaii, all focused on MKP, but trying to see some of my peeps.
  6. Unfortunately, I messed up regarding seeing Colleenie Beanie again this year. I said I will sort it out for sure next year and she said “we’ll see!” Fair enough.
  7. I gotta let my Houston and Austin peeps know.
  8. Have written two video briefs to make two MKP videos. One focused on inviting men to our circle, and one focused on inviting support for our circle and expanding into Japanese language.
  9. I have recently been in touch with Brian (also in IT), Tony (truck driver), and Frederick (change agent) via Zoom. I asked for support from them when I was beginning to get overwhelmed with all the tasks across my variety of projects.
  10. Marble Track 3 has had its site updated via Deligence. I think we had some minor communication problems, but the site looks super great compared to what it was. Maybe I should hire some other peeps to work on it more.
  11. Lesson starting now at Solid Square.