30 Jan 2019, 22:10

Busy prepping for MKP trip
22:10 Wednesday 30 January 2019 JST

Just a couple days ago I got my tickets all sorted to staff two different NWTA weekends and also attend the MKP USA Face to Face weekend in Texas.

After pretty much settling on the plans, it was pointed out that attending an IGFT might give me more of the training I am looking for, but I trust this is the training / trip I need.

The goal of all this is to deepen the (emotional) work we can do in Tokyo Men’s Circle, by improving my facilitation skills. That will thereby hopefully inspire more men to take facilitation roles in the group.

In addition, we are beginning to translate one of the workshops into Japanese so we can invite Japanese men into the work as well. For that part, I am asking Takeshi to lead and facilitate; maybe we should do a trial run and then a small version, then a real version.