21 Jan 2019, 21:19

state of my life address
21:19 Monday 21 January 2019 JST

Lots of changes since just three weeks ago.

  1. I created a Gofundme with a target of $46,000 to kick off Mankind Project Japan. $525 so far!
  2. I created a 2.5 minute demo as a TEDx audition vid. Safely expressing emotions makes life better.
  3. Pinky has placed most of the decorative blocks along the Decorative Walls after the Lowest Small-Medium Splitter, although I have not taken a new picture that shows all of them so far.
  4. I have been checking in with Dora each week recently after signing up for her Thrive in Japan course. She brought the big shifts to my attention so I am writing about them now!
  5. Shirley has offered 50,000 air miles toward my trip to the US. Trying to go to Vancouver (and hopefully see Colleenie Beanie Dog!) then Houston/Austin, then Hawaiiiiii
  6. Delta-Mom has offered a buddy pass ticket price, so that should help as well! Gifts from the heavens!
  7. I will be taking a five week course starting this week which should give me some insights on making Tokyo Men’s Circle even better.
  8. I have been trying to clean up my new.robnugen.com deploy process so it can run on Netlify.com
  9. Kevin’s website was down after a wordpress automatic upgrade failed to copy over the themes and plugins from the old installation. I guess they were in a non-standard location. I got it fixed though, and it was nice to talk to him.
  10. I hired a designer to make a nicer version of Marble Track 3 website. As of this writing, the live site looks like this https://5c42ec0d7c4b6f0008a1f95c--wonderful-bhabha-dfd1ef.netlify.com/, and the new site looks something like this https://vigilant-mayer-608cf8.netlify.com/