17 Jan 2019, 20:41

gofundme campaign is up
20:41 Thursday 17 January 2019 JST

TL;DR: https://www.gofundme.com/launching-mankind-project-operations-in-japan

Just to confirm it is really me, I am posting a first person version of the ManKind Project Japan GoFundme campaign “Launching ManKind Project Operations in Japan“ text here on my journal:

ManKind Project challenges each man to find and develop his own life’s mission, and to live that mission fully with the support of a powerful network. ManKind Project has become a global phenomenon.

A group of NWTA-initiated men feel a deep conviction that Japan will benefit greatly from the work. We are building and bringing the MKP organization and way of life to Japan, a nation that in 2014 saw on average 70 suicides a day with the vast majority of them being men. We believe that with your help and our dedicated men on the ground, we can access the necessary resources for this exciting undertaking.

After growing Tokyo I-group for 3 years, I am leading this mission to establish MKP Japan and now want to dedicate myself to this goal. To support the organization in 2019, we are reaching out and asking for help from other men and women who understand the value this work can bring. We need people and services, such as translation and interpreting, facilities for men’s circles, trainings, and lectures, advertising, and we need more facilitation skills to deepen the emotional work in men’s circles.

To improve my facilitation skills, I am planning on flying to the US for the annual MKP Face to Face weekend in March, and to staff two NWTA weekends. This we believe will bring our vision to the next level. If anyone can help me out with this trip and help us with getting this work to men in Japan for 2019 we would be grateful. If you can donate air miles, contact me at rob(at)mkpjapan.org (a new shiny address!!). Your help will truly make a difference in expanding MKP Japan.

Any donation will go towards supporting our activities for the 2019 budget of JPY 4,982,308, or approximately USD 46,000. This is absolutely barebones for launching in a city as expensive as Tokyo. We are going to make this happen and hope men from all over the world can soon staff at NWTAs in Japan or simply sit in the circle with us. Please join us in changing the world, one nation at a time.