10 Jan 2019, 13:55

work and prep work
13:55 Thursday 10 January 2019 JST

One of the AB cronjobs has been throwing errors, but the job is still running.

I am in the middle of refactoring the code to use Dependency Injection; I don’t know how I broke something, but I cannot really go back to a previous version. Rather, I don’t know what version to go back to, and my local dev environment cannot recreate the error.

Annoyingly, my local dev environment cannot even access Ye Olde Interneffe so I cannot easily revert local files to a previous state anyway.

both frontend and backend use Localizer::getInstance in these
classes. Inject it instead of reference Singleton


I am in the middle of doing \Data\Unit. Perhaps once I finish that, I can push, deploy, and pray.

There are 19 more places to change instantiations of \Data\Unit, including in \Factory\UnitFactory.

I am curious if I misread or misunderstood the MLAPHP book which said we are making small incremental changes. This little change seems to have blown up a bit, due to classes which instantiate \Data\Unit and should eventually have its dependencies injected into them as well.