01 Jan 2019, 01:55

Happy New Year 2019
01:55 Tuesday 01 January 2019 JST

2019 is pretty easy to type because the numbers are right next to each other on both sides of the keyboard.

Lin and I went to her sister’s house for new years celebrations. Went to karaoke and then a Chinese izakaya (fusion?) before going to the local shrine where some guys were burning bamboo in metal drums.

We arrived home about an hour before 2019 and took turns taking showers. (I got to wear Toru’s clean underwear, t-shirt, and dress shirt. Thank goodness because mine smelled like smoke after the restaurant.) All clean, Charu arrived back in the living room at 23:59:48.

Happy New Year! Hugs all around and a kiss for Lin then headed home soon thereafter.