31 Dec 2018, 03:57

working with a designer on Marble Track 3
21:14 Sunday 30 December 2018 JST
Dear Rob,

Glad to see you email. I have gone through the website and there
are a lot of improvement which can be done. Please check one of
our Hugo based website - https://www.nathanaherne.com – If you’ll
see on Home page – we have shown important section of the site
briefly and with pictures. Same I’ll propose for this website
i.e. we can show 3 or 6 Workers with Images, 3-6 Tracks, One Step
with picture.

Also, the concept of the site is totally different and unique – we
need to put few lines to let the visitors understand what the site
is all about. We need to create a good logo as well. Regarding
Support/Donations, we need to create multiple ‘Call to Action’s to
take the visitors to the support page.

Do let me know your thoughts on my initial comments and do let me
know if you are available for a video call on 3rd or 4th Jan? My
Skype id is sanjay.deligence

Thanks & Regards,

Sanjay Kumar | CEO

Deligence Technologies - your growing technology partner
03:57 Monday 31 December 2018 JST

My replies, (poorly formatted here on my site):

HI Sanjay

Thank you for your email.  I am glad you looked at the same
carefully enough to know it is a completely unique project.  I
agree with the changes you have suggested so far.

Here are some more sections of the site I would like to be considered:

There is one more set of pages you should see as well.  https://www.marbletrack3.com/episode/   This page is hidden from normal visitors.  I would like the design of this page to match the rest of the site, but I do not want the page to be linked from the menus.

Episodes are driven with the file at
This file is updated with calls to Youtube API, driven by this
script https://github.com/marbletracks/go-get-video-durations

I am very happy with the way this all works.  I only want to
redesign the /episodes page to match the rest of the site.

Parts / Workers Did you see how these pages are linked between
Workers and Tracks?  For example,
source code includes an array of Workers that worked on the track.
There will be many many more tracks to come, and I eventually need
a way to allow human fans/supporters of the project to suggest
names of parts.

Thanks There will eventually be many more pages available under
https://www.marbletrack3.com/thanks/ There are no pictures of
people here yet, but this section is to thank the people who have
helped me with the track.  The Sweets Party Attendants have helped
me with translations.  Two more people have helped financially,
but I do not have images / permission to show them on the site.  I
would like a page under /thanks/ to be for this general support.

Steps Under "Step by Step" https://www.marbletrack3.com/snippets/
my idea is not nearly finished.  If you click the first Step you
see this page,
https://www.marbletrack3.com/snippets/0010_setting_the_stage/ The
Step is a detailed description of the first video snippet in this

In order to drive this part of the site, I want to create a data
file similar to

I have sketched out a file at


but I have not written a way to parse it nor easily populate it.
There is no way to automatically create this data file, so I need to
have a reliable way to manually add new sections to it.

I would like for each written Step to be linked to the
corresponding second of output video.

This line

0:32 "candy_mama" | Snake Plate Chopstick for now, will create
text on the site for Snake Plate Chopstick and link it to second
32 of the correct video https://youtu.be/2bP7Irt5hHc?t=32

I imagine this is a mini-project of its own, so I do not mind if
we do not work on it.  But I am open to questions, ideas, and
suggestions for it.

In General For this project

I would like all work to be done in the open with Pull Requests on
Github.  I want all changes to work with my current workflow: when
I git push changes to the site, they appear on the live site via
Netlify.  I understand you do not have access to my Netlify
account.  But I hope once I merge a pull request, it will work
that way.  We can start with small changes to make sure it works
in a way that is good for both of us.

- Rob

A few minutes later

HI Sanjay

I have just realized I sent my email before speaking about

You said "we have shown important section of the site briefly and with
pictures."  Instead of pictures, I want to use video clips like the
ones I have at the bottom of my existing
site. https://b.robnugen.com/art/marble_track_3/workers/snippets/quick_look_francois_installs_stage.mp4

The overall idea on Nathan's site is good, but Marble Track 3 site
must focus on the workers and not focus on me as doing the work.  I
will be semi-hidden from the project, only visible on /episodes and
git repository.

thank you