29 Nov 2018, 17:24

17:24 Thursday 29 November 2018 JST

Just finished four lessons at SCC: Naoko, Liliko, Hitomi, and Yasu each had 30 minute lessons, practicing various parts of their presentations.

During the first two lessons, my nose was running like yuck. I used a bunch of toilet paper and tissues blowing all the snot out.

This morning I worked on MT3 for 1.5 hours or so, getting maybe 8 frames taken. At this point, I am working on version 2 of the website, which focuses on the characters making the track instead of me making the characters make the track.

Men’s group at 10:30 featured 10 or 11 men, a relatively big group. I had a great cry during which I realized I feel tons of shame and sadness about how much I have not accomplished in Japan. I should be making a good living, but I am still paycheck to paycheck and it sucks. That is the main reason I cannot go back to US every year.

In other news:

  • I will go on Monday to replace both fans and the battery in this computer (MacBook Pro, 2012)
  • I have gotten more than half of the classes in AB websites to be autoloaded per MLAPHP
  • Will meet Tariq tomorrow to finalize(?) the specs/screens for version 1 of ConSwi
  • In the middle of training at TY, helping Jay with that.
  • Great workshop presentation by Dora yesterday, and am inspired to do the same myself, but $3000? See the above-mentioned paycheck-to-paycheck comment.