02 Nov 2018, 17:26

conswi dipendra
17:26 Friday 02 November 2018 JST

Today I met with Tariq and Dipendra to talk about ConSwi. They are all excited about the graphics and I am in the camp of getting a minimum viable product out. I want to empower Dipendra to update the graphics in the app. He got a copy of Conswi from Github. Instead of giving him write access to the app, I had him create his own account and push to his own ConSwi.

Although it is a fork, I assume it is not counted as a fork from Github’s point of view. I wonder if that is possible to make happen. Probably not if it has not been implemented already.

Dang it is 5:30 and already dark. I remember our 5pm picture in Sao Paolo was like noon here.