22 Oct 2018, 16:03

walking while talking to Dora
16:03 Monday 22 October 2018 JST

I chatted with Dora for 1.75 hours on the phone. She had some amazing insights on my presentation for MKP stuff. Plus a course she has enjoyed taking, designed to help people start their business projects.

While talking, I walked from Nishi-Azabu to the other end of Yoyogi Park before realizing I had intended to turn right before Yoyogi Park, or actually maybe even turn at Omotesando. Anyway, it was all good because I found an earthworm still alive on the sidewalk and hopefully gave it another chance at living by placing it in the shade under some leaves.

For some reason I believed I did not have any water to quench the worm, but it turns out I did have water. Weird. It was pretty much too late to go back and quench him by the time I realized it.

Neat to crisscross the city. I walked across an intersection that I had walked across perpendicularly many times.