18 Oct 2018, 17:35

work and work
17:35 Thursday 18 October 2018 JST

Today I got to hear about the production of silicone for the first time via Hitomi. Then about generating electricity with hydrogen (for the nth time) and then other ways to save energy for the nth time.

Just renamed class.translator.php to Translator.php so it can be autoloaded.

Falling asleep now as I write this while on the train headed to Akihabara. Nap now and hope I wake up.


Yay I woke up in time.

21:00 Thursday 18 October 2018 JST

While sitting on the local train from Shinjuku, I have just slammed through renaming the files for five classes.

git log snippet:

  • 97ac8d Autoload WebCrawlers
  • 3d5ce6 Autoload Validator
  • aa0da4 Autoload Validate
  • 5b2266 Autoload Utilities
  • 69df0a Autoload UserTracker