14 Oct 2018, 19:03

Yoyogi Park day SOGO, Movement, Yuka + Michael party
19:03 Sunday 14 October 2018 JST

(written Monday 2pm)

SOGO was a lot easier for me this weekend probably because it was not so blasting hot as it’s been during the summer. I was basically able to do most of the exercises without giving up partway through as I have done in the past.

After the workout, I joined a small group for lunch at a Thai restaurant. At my table: Asaad, Kino, Alex, Rafaela, Tatsuya, and maybe someone else.

While heading back to Yoyogi Park, I was entertained that Rafaela saw Dominique and someone going shopping so she was like, “bye!” to us and bounced.

Back in Yoyogi, Masa was with Yo-T (sp), Leo, Pierre (?), and a couple others doing some kinda game with jenga blocks. Stacking the blocks on people as a human sculpture. Several different movement games including Hand Dance While God Attacks, Animal Flow 3D, and the finale: Dodge String. We should have a video of that up soon; Masa said he wants to edit the video before posting.

After that I headed deeper into Yoyogi Park to find Michael and Yuka’s party with lots of people, food, drinks, bubbles, and games. I got to meet Yuka’s grandmother Hiroko, who could sit in 正座 like a champ.

Talked to Asaad more about his work in transportation engineering (physics of bridges, tunnels, embankments, etc) and about men’s circle, including The Men’s Work