05 Oct 2018, 19:53

met with Paul about The Men's Work
19:53 Friday 05 October 2018 JST

Exciting MKP Tokyo news!

I sent this to my online Integration Group.

I just got confirmation: I will be co-facilitating a 3-week online
MKP introduction called The Men's Work https://mkpusa.org/themenswork/
with Paul Newell, who is currently co-facilitating it in the US.

On Fridays, 7pm - 8:30pm (Japan time), November 3rd, 10th, and
17th, we will do this online training for men in Tokyo.

Once we run this 3 week series of meetings a couple of times, I
will create a new men's circle in Gotanda (Tokyo) on Fridays for
men who are interested.  Once those Gotanda men have sat in circle
for a few months, I will do a Mission Statement workshop with

Once we have two circles humming along, I plan to invite an MKP
man from overseas to Japan to teach facilitation skills to men who
are interested.  My want is to get more and more circles started
in Japan so we can create a groundswell movement to have enough
energy to do NWTAs here in Japan.