19 Sep 2018, 23:05

23:05 Wednesday 19 September 2018 JST

(written 14:06 Thursday 20 September 2018 JST)

Wednesdays are usually long for me. Wake up at 5am (after getting home no earlier than 10:30pm after men’s group, but Tuesday night I went to The Pink Cow (great to see Traci after I have been away so long!) for an event for hemp oil that Rohini invited me to attend.

Anyway, got home Tuesday night at like 1:15am to find Lin sleeping on the couch and then showered so had 3.5 hours to sleep before woke up at 5am Wednesday, left at 5:45 am with happy tummy full of banana smoothie Lin made.

Slept for an hour on the train from Noborito to Kawasaki (the train starts in Noborito and chills there for 30 minutes before departure (which allows a five minute window to get a seat) so I get a seat and sleep or work on something for that hour).

We have been playing the camping game in my first lesson at Solid Square. “I am going camping, and I will bring _____” and other people try to figure out what they can bring.

I started with an easy one, anything that starts with the letter C. Then anything that was red. Then Ai-chan did one of anything that can be purchased. Yesterday Yohei did one that was tricky for me: any customer their company had worked for. He started with Haneda Airport. Now it’s on me again, and for fun, I started with Haneda Airport.

Here is the list, as far as I can remember:

  • Haneda Airport
  • Los Angeles International Airport
  • Mt Fuji
  • Kawasaki Station
  • (forgot)
  • Milano Airport
  • Noborito Station
  • (forgot)
  • (forgot)
  • Ranking Queen
  • (forgot)
  • (forgot)
  • Ueno Park
  • (forgot)
  • (forgot)
  • Texas
  • Shinjuku Gyoen
  • Zebra
  • Satoshi
  • Rob
  • My cat

We ended there, and I hope they solve it during the week or at least during the next lesson. I refused to give the answer, though I did give some hints by “changing my mind” about what things could be brought.

After that lesson I worked in Excelsior on something… maybe on Japanese for Marble Track 3 website.

I bought chocolate for the staff at SCC for my next lesson. After the lesson, we had a Sweets Party during which we mixed up all the chocolates and tried to guess which flavors would be which before biting into them.

Then headed to JB School for 5 lessons in 5.5 hours. Kids lessons were pretty fine cause we can move around a lot. Then super sleepy in the 3rd lesson so ate some more candy during the 4th lesson and was genkier during last lesson.

Walked back to Kawasaki station and then Lin picked me up at our station. So so thankful for her support!