14 Sep 2018, 16:12

fixed my site
16:12 Friday 14 September 2018 JST

I broke my upload process, but I think it is fixed now.

Yep. It took 65 seconds to process and upload to my server, but it works.

When trying to get that number down, to a few seconds, I mis-remembered how it was set up and destroyed the public/ directory of my Hugo-controlled site thinking Hugo can rebuild it, but since the Hugo directory is already a Git repo, it was conflating the two, and things got really confuzzed. Including my brain.

I am considering removing dates from the content itself and just keep them in the frontmatter.

What if I make them small like this:

16:19 Friday 14 September 2018 JST

I guess it will be an h5 tag, cause I put five # marks in front.