06 Sep 2018, 13:27

best table topics speech
13:27 Thursday 06 September 2018 JST

Today I won best Table Topics speech for making backronyms for JEBI, the name of the typhoon that just blew through.

I am super bummed that I missed the obvious link to the word of the day, which was improvised to be “improvise”

I started my speech “Given that I have just started a business that has this acronym, I will be happy to tell you about Jumping Entertainment Business Incorporated.” and rambled on from there, squeezing in another backronym for JEBI like Jelly Evaluation Bureau of Investigations that can tell how high people jumped by how far they sink into jelly.

My second draft would start the same, but “ .. tell you about Jumping Entertaining Business Improvisation, which allows us to improvise business models based on entertaining jumpers. Take the kangaroo, for example. ..”