03 Sep 2018, 06:12

state of my life address
  1. I have just removed the ## 06:12 Monday 03 September 2018 JST date from the top of this journal. Marking them in h2 tags makes them a bit too big for this theme. I hate to modify my source code to fit a theme, but that happened.

  2. I recently got the website for Mable Track 3 (nearly) up to date. It now has all the entries that had been in my journal at https://new.robnugen.com/tags/mt3/ and all the entries have an episode_image in the frontmatter. Not all the entries have a unique episode image, but that is another matter.

  3. The episode image placeholder for Marble Track 3 includes the text “All Episodes (8.97 days)” which is a new thing I just added to the site with the help of Go, Youtube’s v3 API (both of which are Google assets.. hmmm), and Hugo static website generator.

  4. Just this morning I split the source into two files, one that actually does the API calls, and one that does all the logic to create a list of all my Youtube videos in a TOML file.

  5. Until this very moment, I had decided to not keep a copy of the TOML file in any of my repos, but now I think I will, for a couple of reasons.

    • One, so I can show you my TOML file of all Marble Track 3 videos
    • Two, so the website for Marble Track 3 is easier to recreate (without installing Go extra libraries)
    • Three, so I can have a history of the file, which currently is not sorted by Publish Date, though I would like it to be because that would make it easier to figure out what to name the livestreams that did not get unique names.
  6. I have just linked git commits both directions from Marble Track 3 source to my journal entries, and from my journal entries to Marble Track 3 source. Which ones will break first?

  7. I am halfway through Anikiko’s Shift Your Shit program, subtitled Own and Sell Your Gifts, or something. It has been great, giving me several good ideas, which I am beginning to implement. Oh, that reminds me, I need to write to John Gaughan, re: volunteer burnout

  8. I am using a water Android phone from a couple years ago, an Aquos something something. I am using my Macbook from more than a couple years ago, perhaps 5 years (therefore 50 laptop-years). I got a new backpack with wheels and a hard plastic cover for my computer.

  9. I have not been wearing shoes in Tokyo for 8 years now. That is 1 year more than I was barefoot in Houston. That’s a strange thought for me.

  10. Lin and I still do not have kids, but we have our cat Jennie, who is maybe 5 years old. 6? Lin still likes to keep Jennie inside at night, even though Jennie climbs around on Lin’s head at night, meowing (to be let outside, I think).

  11. I have started taking walks in the morning, though I did not walk the past couple of days. Tomorrow I will walk for sure! I walk for about an hour, trying to find a new street or new area I have not previously seen. This search has turned up a pizza place, a hidden grave yard, a brick fish tank, and a nice path along the nearby recycling center.

  12. I have started eating less, and for shorter durations during the day. Lin is interested in doing similarly as a concept, but not always interested in doing it in practice. I have been hearing more and more about intermittant fasting and its benefits. Most recently, I heard that it’s good to eat only during a 10 hour window each day. I am not quite there yet, but close.

  13. I am headed to Akabanebashi now for IL lesson. Then walk to Nishi Azabu for UG lesson featuring Akari, Emi, Kazu, Kenji, Masa, Ryuya, Shinji, and Taka (in ABC order).

  14. It looks like co-gender group will not happen tonight.

  15. Just arrived in Shinjuku. Changing trains now.

  16. Oh, that reminds me, I have been keeping track of my finances, down to the yen, since July of this year.