31 Aug 2018, 21:50

Go is great
21:50 Friday 31 August 2018 JST

Wow Go is great. The compiler doesn’t let you fuck around too much. “Hey you’re wasting variables!” “Hey those are different!” “Hey you already did that!” “Don’t include it if you don’t need it!” “Don’t use it if you didn’t include it”

I can imagine what Travis meant when he said if a Hakyll Haskell program compiles, it probably works correctly. Even with all the side effects available in Go, I am much more confident that my code works than with any PHP code.

Now I wanna rewrite my legacy PHP sites in Go. Not gonna do it, but the thought crossed my mind.

Anyway, in less than a day, I was able to create this TOML output file that represents the data in Marble Track 3’s YouTube account.

    VideoId = "-ZEerNH_ldU"
    Title = "Marble Track 3 construction Live Stream"
    Published = 2018-08-30T10:54:30Z
    Duration = 0
    VideoId = "M2Mbu-6B_mY"
    Title = "Marble Track 3 construction Live Stream: fifteen segments in outer spiral"
    Published = 2018-08-30T11:36:47Z
    Duration = 0
    VideoId = "W6IQYjU-BLc"
    Title = "Marble Track 3: snake looking for a spot"
    Published = 2018-08-28T03:07:33Z
    Duration = 0

The duration is 0 on all of them because v3 of YouTube’s API does not return durations when getting all videos in a list. I will add code to get the durations sooner than later, because the whole reason to do this is to automatically have the total Livestream duration be updated on Marble Track 3 website.

00:00 Saturday 01 September 2018 JST

Just two hours later (including dinner with Lin) and bingo I got the Durations as well.

    VideoId = "-2PIQFMPv0w"
    Title = "Marble Track 3: reversible guy reversed"
    Published = 2018-07-07T23:21:00Z
    Duration = 106000000000
    VideoId = "-KjsYc4Mb5g"
    Title = "Marble Track 3: skeleton arrives"
    Published = 2017-08-08T02:32:25Z
    Duration = 68000000000
    VideoId = "-MAFLkqIpUw"
    Title = "Marble Track 3 construction Live Stream"
    Published = 2018-02-09T05:29:13Z
    Duration = 2632000000000

Not bad for my first day messing around with Go.


08:56 Sunday 02 September 2018 JST

A day later, I spruced it up some, including adding video types and limiting superfluous calls to Youtube API.