19 Aug 2018, 22:20

Installed vertical labyrinth game
22:20 Sunday 19 August 2018 JST

A couple of years ago I received a vertical labyrinth game from the toy store I used to frequent in Harajuku on the way to my lesson with Sarumama.

In the past couple of days I decided to mount the game on our wall so we can actually play with it!

Here is the game resting on a shelf, where any decent sized earthquake could send it toppling to disaster. It had been like this for a while.

2018 aug 0 the front

On the back it has hooks which allow it to be mounted securely to the wall.

2018 aug 1 the back

I made some brackets that were basically the right size and color to match the game and its brackets.

2018 aug 2 will attach to wall 2018 aug 3 need a bigger bit 2018 aug 4 I made supports

Here is the only indication of the maker. This is printed on the back of the game.

2018 aug 5 maker stamp no url

Jennie helped herself to the table while I used it to place the game at the right height.

2018 aug 6 height adjusted

Once I knew how high to place them, I added the supports

2018 aug 23 one support 2018 aug 23 two supports

And mounted it on the wall!

2018 aug 7 installed