17 Aug 2018, 09:31

stomach camera
9:31 Friday 17 August 2018 JST

I just finished having my stomach checked. It was different than I expected. They put some kind of anesthetic in my mouth which for a moment maybe not be able to swallow which was weird. I couldn’t breathe through my mouth.

It was a little frightening that I couldn’t breathe through my mouth, but I was able to breathe through my nose so I was able to maintain and calm demeanor.

Now the operation is over and I am holding a cotton swab over the place where they dripped 500ml of yellow liquid into my veins so I can have some energy, since I have not eaten since 4 pm yesterday or 16 hours since the operation. Although it was requested that I don’t eat for 12 hours before, timing didn’t work work out so that I can eat

After my mouth was numb they put a camera tube thing down my throat. I was able to see in the monitor so that was somewhat interesting but I couldn’t really identify a anything except weirdly shaped to sue and maybe like looking in a cave or some kind of monster.

I wish I could have gotten the whole video, but it’s probably the same as any other person just probably online somewhere.

I haven’t heard from the doctor but I guess it’s healthy. After the operation I fell asleep for a little bit. I keep saying operation but it was I’m just a procedure not an operation. the place where they put the thing into my arm it’s a little bit painful but not too bad. I’m holding this thing for 5 minutes and I guess it’s almost done but it still hurts.

Now it’s time to get up. 9:45