17 Aug 2018, 07:21

fun fourth walk
07:21 Friday 17 August 2018 JST

I have been writing in Japanese about the walk.

Behind our house there are some houses under construction. There are no gates blocking entry so I went inside to have a look.

(English translations from my Japanese:)

Outside the houses there was scaffolding wrapped in blue fabric. On the first floor the fabric kept anyone outside from seeing me inside, but on the second floor, the fabric had gaps so I was nervous at times.

The houses were close together, so on the second level of the house I entered, I used the scaffolding to cross over to the next house, via its scaffolding.

back to English:

I walked straight Where I normally turn right to go back home, but this time it went straight and found an interesting place I have never seen before. I think it is a recycling plant but I’m not sure. It has a nicely paved pathPeople can walk on along its length, But the fences are pretty clear about where they want people not to go. I didn’t go anywhere they didn’t want me to, but through the hedge I took a picture of one of their trucks.

For a moment across my mind that it might be neat to get a job there, but I can imagine it would get old pretty quickly. Maybe they offer tours that we can just see inside facility. That would be pretty neat, and worth checking into, but I probably won’t do it.

After walking the length of their facility, I walked along the road that had no cross streets so it seemed to be next to a river or some other shallow valley.

The valley prevented me from turning right to go back toward the house, soI ended up walking longer than I might have plans too, but it was a pretty great walk. On the way back I recognized that I had walked along the street before, and I noticed it was next to the recycling facility. So I had walked next to the recycling facility before, but I just didn’t realize it.

TLDR Who cares. 3.1km walked. the end.