14 Aug 2018, 22:50

great mens circle tonight
22:50 Tuesday 14 August 2018 JST

Four men in the circle tonight, including two relatively newcomers. I experienced beautiful facilitation to help me get the courage to implement my new idea.

I have just sent this message to my friend H.

I am thinking about doing a 6 month set of weekly circles on
Friday nights.  Could I do them at your place?  Would you be able
to attend, assuming you'd be interested in the content?

My idea is to do something very close to the men's circle, but
with a focus of finding one's mission/purpose in life.  Once the
circle is formed relatively well, we would do an exercise for each
person to find their life mission, and then focus on implementing
that life mission for the remaining 3 months or so.  The timing I
have in mind is just a rough guess, but wondering if you would be
interested in participating?